‘Jurassic Park’ Meets ‘Mad Max’ In Titan Comics’ ‘Negalyod: The God Network’ Graphic Novel

by Olly MacNamee

In recent years Titan Comics have brought some of the best European graphic novels to the English-speaking world, and their latest is another great looking title. Negalyod: The God Network by writer/artist Vincent Perriot is to be released on Wednesday June 14th and we have a preview to share with you below.

“Negalyod follows dinosaur shepherd, Jarri, as he joins a rebel group intent on destroying the totalitarian government that controls his dystopian world. Perfect for fans of Jurassic World!

In a post-apocalyptic far future/alternate world, dinosaurs roam the desolate land, while the last denizens of humanity survive together in technological cities run by a military regime. Jarri, a loner who shepherds a group of dinosaurs, travels to the city when his herd is murdered. There he becomes involved with a rebel group who defy the totalitarian society, and uncovers a conspiracy that reveals the true nature of the world they live in. What he finds will change his life forever…” 

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