Hiya Toys Reveals Judge Hershey As The Next Judge Dredd Action Figure

by Olly MacNamee

Hiya Toys continues to release highly detailed 1:18 PVC action figures based on the colourful cast of Judge Dredd. And the latest in the line is going to be Judge Hershey, co-created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland in the pages of 2000 AD.

“Hershey was a promising young officer when she was chosen to accompany Dredd on the hazardous Judge Child mission, and quickly proved herself to be one of Justice Department’s most able Judges. She was soon promoted through the ranks until she became Chief Judge of Mega-City One itself.”

Judge Hershey will be released this autumn and comes with comes with sixteen points of articulation, a Lawgiver gun and ‘Daystick’ billy club.

As an update, Hiya Toys report that the Judge Dredd and Judge Death 1:18 figures are now due to ship Q2 2022, Judge Mortis will ship in Q3 and Dredd’s iconic motorbike, the Lawmaster, will be available as a set to order from Q2 2022 and hit shelves in Q4 2022.

The 2000 AD action figures from Hiya Toys will be available to order from these retailers:


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