Scarlet Witch Is The Tenth Playable Hero In ‘Marvel Future Revolution’

by Gary Catig

Marvel Future Revolution released its newest update providing all-new content for players. This time around, Marvel Entertainment’s first open world action RPG draws from the most recent MCU film, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Scarlet Witch, which has a prominent role in the movie, has been added to the roster making her the tenth playable hero. Her PVP specialty involves her Hex Energy and Chaos Magic, which is strong enough to even defeat the Sorcerer Supreme. She has the ability to disrupt the enemy’s spirit while she applies different curses that provide their own advantages. Other tie-ins to the film are new inspired costumes for Doctor Strange and Scarlet Witch along with Wong being a new companion you can summon.

To celebrate Scarlet Witch’s arrival, a 7-week “Check in Event” will give players the chance to receive rewards. The highest ranked equipment and items will be given every seven days, including the 6★ Special Costume, 6★ Core Box, Special Card Box and Special Companion Box. A Scarlet Witch training event is running simultaneously, allowing new and existing players to become familiar with the new Superhero while supplying rewards of up to 2,000 crystals and more.

Also available is the new game mode, “Epic Invasion.” Enemies from another dimension invade Primary Earth and you must defeat them before the overwhelm our world. You can also take the battle to them by fighting them in their own dimension. A Special Battle Badge can be earned when Critical Hit is activated, the Max Damage Rate increases, when the player receives Max Damage, or when other various effects are given to the enemy.

Marvel Future Revolution is now available for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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