House Of X (Part 2): Previewing The Other ‘X-Men’ Titles Out This Week

by Olly MacNamee

In the second part of our X-Men preview we bring you a look at Immortal X-Men #2, X-Men Red #2 and Wolverine #21, all out Wednesday 18th May from Marvel.

Immortal X-Men #2

Writer:  Kieron Gillen
Penciler: Lucas Werneck
Colors: David Curiel
Letters: Clayton Cowles


Magneto leaving the council means big shoes need to be filled. Selene demonstrating her foot size by crushing the whole island beneath it is unorthodox, yet compelling. Can the Quiet Council resist?”

Cover by Mark Brooks

X-Men Red #2

Writer: Al Ewing
Penciler: Stefano Caselli
Colors: Federico Blee
Letters: Ariana Maher


The mutants of Mars spent millennia worshipping war — and on what they now call Arakko, they’re keeping up their violent ways. ABIGAIL BRAND knows the red planet needs a firm ruler in charge. But STORM has other ideas, along with a broken MAGNETO in her corner and ROBERTO DA COSTA making his own moves. Welcome to X-MEN RED. It’s a new world… and someone has to claim it.”

Cover by Russell Dauterman

Wolverine #21

Written by: Benjamin Percy
Art by: Adam Kubert, Frank Martin


DEEPER INTO DANGER DANGER DANGER! Outnumbered and surrounded, Wolverine unleashes his berserker rage, and Deadpool embraces his deadly fighting skills in a last ditch effort to save mutant lives. But what’s with all the Robot X-Men, and what do they have to do with the X-Desk?”

Cover by: Adam Kubert

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