Previewing Marvel Comics’ ‘Elektra: Black, White & Blood’ #4

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by: Peach Momoko

Written by: Ann Nocenti, Peach Momoko, Kevin Eastman
Art by: Ann Nocenti, Peach Momoko, Kevin Eastman

“Elektra Natchios is the baddest assassin in the Marvel Universe, but some of Mighty Marveldom’s best creators are going to challenge her. From three of comics’ most prolific creators comes one of the most brutal and beautiful issues in Elektra’s history! FIRST! Marvel legend Ann Nocenti returns to Hell’s Kitchen to tell an all-new tale pitting Elektra against the one and only TYPHOID MARY! THEN! Kevin Eastman’s fondness for the Marvel U is the stuff of legend! Here he gets to turn Hell’s Kitchen into his playground, and the results are as radical as you’d expect! Cowabunga! Let’s get pizza! AND! Peach Momoko spins an all-new tale set in the world of DEMON DAYS, introducing an ALL-NEW vision of Elektra! As elegant and deadly as ever, but seen through Peach’s prolific eye, this first appearance is one you won’t want to miss!”

Elektra: Black, White & Blood #4 is out Wednesday 18th May from Marvel

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