Great Caesar’s Ghost! Perry White Gets His Own One-Shot Special With All-New And Classic Strips

by Olly MacNamee

In recent years both Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane have had their own limited mini-series. But, Perry White? That’s a new one for the books, but it’s what we’re getting courtesy of DC Comics. Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen’s Boss Perry White #1 will be a one-shot special.

“Perry White’s long career in the papers deserves a big celebration, and who better to help than his favorite colleague? No, not Lois Lane. No, not Clark Kent…or that super-guy they all write about. It’s Jimmy Olsen! Yes, the same Pulitzer Prize-winning Jimmy Olsen who’s sometimes a giant turtle! Just don’t call him Jimberly—that’s a reference only Batman’s supposed to know about!

Are we burying the lede? Yes. Yes we are. See, this isn’t a Jimmy Olsen announcement. We know you love the guy, and the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club is buzzing with activity now that we’ve got your attention, but this press release isn’t an announcement of a new Jimmy Olsen comic, or a Clark Kent comic, or a Lois Lane comic, or even a Steve Lombard comic (deep cut, but worth it). This release is to announce a Perry White comic! As Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Planet, he’s worth the headlines!! We just added in hyperbole and name-checked Batman (and Superman, but mostly Batman) for the SEO.”

As well as featuring an all-new 7-page strip by Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber this one shot will have classic stories from Elliot S. Maggin and Curt Swan, Neil Kleid and Dean Haspiel, and Brian Michael Bendis and Ivan Reis.

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen’s Boss Perry White #1 will be out on Wednesday June 21st with a cover price of $4.99.

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