ICYMI: ‘Prey’ Teaser Offers Up A New Game For The Predator

by Erik Amaya

The Predator is set to return in this August’s Prey. But much like the title, the film will offer a new status quo as a Predator (or Predators) finds itself in the Comanche Nation some 300 years prior to now. And as seen in the teaser above, all bets are off as the creature faces a different sort of hunter.

And yes, that is Legion‘s Amber Midthunder. According to the film’s description, she plays Naru. A “fierce and highly skilled warrior” in her own right, she lives in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters who roam the Great Plains. When the prey she stalks to protect her camp turns out to be a Predator, a new sort of game starts between the two combatants.

The film comes from 10 Cloverfield Lane‘s Dan Trachtenberg with a script from Jack Ryan‘s Patrick Aison.

We have to admit, we’ve lost a lot of our love for the Predator across several less-than-stellar spinoffs and sequels — yes, we’re not even that fond of Predators — but this has the potential to re-frame the concept with a new setting, protagonist, and (perhaps) the chance to make an anthology series across the breadth of the world and history should Prey prove successful.

The film debuts on Hulu August 5th

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