Image Comics And Luana Vecchio Announce New Horror-Erotica Comic ‘Lovesick’

by Olly MacNamee

Bolero artist Luana Vecchio has a new horror-erotica series coming up with Image Comics entitled Lovesick.

“In this dark sexploitation series readers meet dominatrix Domino and bear witness to her carnal pleasures… and punishments…

A disturbing exploration of snuff movies, dark web, and the seedy underbelly of humanity and is perfect for fans of Black Mirror, Cam, and The Neon Demon.” 

Vecchio added:

“The idea for this story came to me when I stumbled onto a shock site for the first time, and realised that sadly, reality is more disturbing than I had thought. But beyond mere violence and gore, Lovesick is a deep journey into human loneliness.”

Look out for Lovesick #1 this October from Image Comics

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