Titan Comics’ ‘Gun Honey: Blood For Blood’ #1 Variant Covers Revealed

by Olly MacNamee

Gun Honey by writer Charles Ardai (founder of Hard Case Crime) and artist Ang Hor Kheng is getting a sequel – Gun Honey: Blood for Blood – and with a new debut issue comes a selection of variant covers. And from a rather impressive group of artists including Adam Hughes (Catwoman), Stanley “Artgerm” Lau (Black Panther, Spider-Gwen, Absolute Carnage), legendary James Bond movie poster artist Robert McGinnis and Joseph Michael Linsner (Red Sonja, Vampirella). Oh, and a cosplay cover featuring Tabitha Lyons. Although I’m not too sure how wearing nothing but a towel around your head can be classed as cosplay. All of which you can cast your eyes over below, along with a synopsis for the new series:

Cover by Adam Hughes – Foil (limited to 500) and regular

“With weapons expert Joanna Tan, the legendary “Gun Honey,” off the grid, recuperating from her last job, a vengeful rival takes her place – and frames Joanna for murder. On the run from Malaysia to Milan, from Montana to Monaco, can Joanna catch up to her ruthless enemy…or will she catch a bullet first?”

Cover by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau
Photo variant cover featuring Cosplayer Tabitha Lyons
Cover by Romain Hugault
Cover by Joseph Michael Linsner
Cover by Romain Hugault
Cover by Romain Hugault/nude variant


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