Review: Avoiding Needed Resolution In `Black Hammer Reborn’ #12

by Tom Smithyman


While the Reborn series has been a good ride, it turns out that this entire chapter is nothing more than a tease for the larger story’s next phase. While that is a popular storytelling technique to pull in an audience, this tale ends without any real resolution. That leaves readers feeling cheated and perhaps questioning whether they return for the next installment.


The Black Hammer series has been one of the most consistently entertaining set of comic stories over the past several years. Beginning with the mystery surrounding a superhero team trapped on a small-town farm, then moving to a set of one-shots introducing a variety of side characters, the tale shifted over the last year to the titular hero’s daughter Lucy in Black Hammer Reborn. It turns out, though, that this particular series doesn’t give its readers much in the way of needed resolution.

One hero weighs protecting her family over saving the rest of the world. Maybe. Another is transformed into a more power version of himself. We think. One villain escapes with a new tool to threaten humanity. Sort of. Oh, and most of reality is about to come to an end because the original big bad is back. Perhaps.

If you’re looking for answers, you won’t find them here. Instead of bringing any real resolution to the series, it turns out that this particular tale is really nothing more than a teaser for the next (final?) chapter. While fans of the series will clamor for more from writer Jeff Lemire and his team of artists, it feels like Reborn was nothing more than a tease – cynics would call it a money grab – for next year’s Black Hammer: The End.

That’s not to say that this issue doesn’t have any strong moments. Seeing the various Colonel Weirds in the “Parliament of Weirds” – think of it as this reality’s attempt at the multiple versions of Doctor Strange from the latest Marvel blockbuster – is perhaps the high-water for the entire Reborn series. The colonel we know introduces the group with “We are…Weird” is a true laugh-out-loud moment. Kudos to artist Caitlin Yarsky for creating a variety of unique looks for the dimension-crossing whacko.

As great as Lemire and team are, though, their fans deserve better after investing their time and money over the past several years.

Black Hammer Reborn #12 is available for purchase today.

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