‘Code Name: Ric Flair’ Ashcan To Launch At MegaCon 2022

by Brendan M. Allen

Ric Flair has been in wrestling news a lot recently. From beefing with WWE Superstar Becky Lynch over her use of his old moniker “The Man,” to Dark Side of the Ring’s episode on The Plane Ride From Hell, to training with Jay Lethal for an in-ring return at age 73, The Dirtiest Player In The Game has been busy.

Now, The Nature Boy is trying his hand at comics, with Code Name: Ric Flair launching via Kickstarter this Summer. Always known as a bit of an exaggerated tale teller, Flair opted to go Confessions of a Dangerous Mind with his semi-autobiographical comic. Code Name: Ric Flair  details his fact-or-fiction forays as an international superspy in the 1980s and 1990s. 

A special limited edition spotfoil ashcan preview will be launching at MegaCon at the Fiterman Sports Group booth where Flair will be appearing exclusively on Saturday May 21st and Sunday May 22nd to sign autographs courtesy of Fiterman Sports Group.

‘Richard Fliehr, a mild-mannered professional wrestler, almost dies in a small twin engine plane on the way to a regional wrestling match. The doctors not only save his life – they rebuild him better than before. Treatment makes him stronger than ever and Fliehr is reborn as Ric Flair aka Nature Boy, who must now use his wrestling persona as cover while he works to save the world as secret agent Nature Boy.’

More info will be released shortly. Stay tuned.

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