Kickstarting Comics: ‘Gravestown’ #3 Hits Kickstarter

by Richard Bruton

The latest issue of the supernatural romp, Gravestown, hit Kickstarter this week – it’s already fully-funded but there’s loads on offer – not the least a damn fine comic book!

If you’ve been following some of what I write here at Comicon, you should have seen my grand love for Roger Gibson and Vincent Danks‘ creations – Harker and Gravestown. Both series are excellent reads, whether it’s the perfect police procedural of Harker or the horror fantasy fun of Gravestown, they’re written with style and with by Gibson and drawn with incredible style by Danks.

Gravestown‘s third issue is now up on Kickstarter to be backed – it’s already fully funded but there’s plenty of opportunity to pick up the issues and many different reward tiers until the campaign ends on 14th June.

Interior art by Vincent Danks

I described the first issue as doing a “magnificent job of setting up something creepy, and weird, and very strange’ and as ‘a perfect first issue that builds up the tension and reveals just enough to entice you in, perfectly paced, great dialogue, and Danks’ art just looks stunning on every page.”

The new issue follows the misadventures of Emma across 24 pages of vampires, faeries, UFOs, ghosts and zombies. She’s sort of settling into the strangeness of Gravestown after walking into the weird land from the modern world in issue 1, but now finds herself pursued by violent alien beings and discovers the secret faerie court. Plus, there’s the matter of what happened to the rest of Emma’s old friends and time to catch up with her new supernatural mates!

Gravestown #3 not only has the 24 pages of Gibson and Danks story but also includes another eight pages of back-matter, with news of more new series coming from both Ariel Press and Time Bomb Comics through the year – including the forthcoming sequel story featuring Emma and the mysterious Ravenhall, called Ravenhall.

Interior art by Vincent Danks

As you’d expect, plenty of extras coming along with this third issue, including free digital copies of Raven #4 and #5, which feature Danks’ Sapphire, Mad Girl, and Gibson’s Griffin, the prototype for Harker. Plus, all pledges get the free postcard of the unused Titan Books Gravestown cover…

Gravestown postcard included with all pledges

Other pledge levels include full colour art print from Danks, colourist Andrew Richmond, large-sized journal pages written by Gibson and drawn by Danks, bookplates, original art from the comic, painted originals by Danks, and more.

Print stretch goal – art by Vincent Danks
Print stretch goal by colourist Andrew Richmond
KS exclusive journal pages – written by Gibson, art by Danks

Check out the Kickstarter for Gravestown #3 here.

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