The Original Evil Ernie Returns This August In ‘Evil Ernie’ #1 Facsimile Edition

by Erik Amaya

The 1990s were a wild time in comics with various indie publishers taking of the banner from earlier companies like Comico and Pacific. It was also a time of extreme characters, eye-popping visuals, and creators like Brian Pulido, who gave Evil Ernie to the world in the early part of the decade. Alongside artist Steven Hughes, Pulido would also introduce the Chaos! Universe in 1991 with characters like Ernie, Purgatori, Chastity, Lady Demon, and (of course) Lady Death.

To celebrate thirty-ish years of Ernie and his chaotic cohorts, Dynamite is releasing a 30th Anniversary facsimile edition of Evil Ernie #1 — the comic that started it all. Originally a young artist with an uncanny ability to depict future events in his work, a series of bad turns and growing abilities led to some seriously awful therapy. During one of his sessions, Ernie vowed to kill everything and everyone at the behest of the buxom ruler of the Eternal Graveyard. Oh, yeah, the issue also featured the debut of Lady Death herself. Add another bad form of therapy which resulted in his death, and Evil Ernie was born in a heavy-metal-infused origin story. Highly graded copies of the original issue can run as high as $400 in collectors’ circles, so an easy to obtain version of the story could be a boon for Evil Ernie fans.

Originally published by Eternity Comics — a publisher who survived the ’80s, but became part of the Malibu Comics fold — Ernie and his universe would travel to different companies, including Pulido’s own Chaos! Comics, before Dynamite took ownership in 2010. A rebooted version of the character carries on to this day while characters like Lady Hel find ways into titles of their own.

The Evil Ernie #1 Facsimile Edition is due to hit stands this August.

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