Advance Preview: ‘The Out’ – One Of The Best ‘2000 AD’ Tales In The Last Decade

by Richard Bruton

One of the best 2000 AD series in the past 20 years, the first collection of The OUT will be released in October and is available to pre-order now.

Standard paperback cover by Mark Harrison


I’ve said an awful lot about Dan Abnett and Mark Harrison’s 2000 AD series, The OUT, over the course of two excellent series in the weekly 2000 AD roundup here at Comicon. By now, hopefully, you’re all aware that I reckon this is already a modern classic, up there with the greats of both 2000 AD and comics in general, a stunning series with huge themes, beautiful visuals, plentiful twists, and incredible storytelling.

Here’s just a little of what I’ve said, first from Book 1:

Abnett and Harrison have created a really wonderful series, one I hope continues for a long time. And seeing as there’s been comparisons to Halo Jone already, maybe I can ask writer and artist if they could do what Moore and Gibson always said would happen with Halo and give us 9 series worth? Because right now, I just don’t want The Out to go away.

The start of Book 2:

“Part two, just ten pages in, and it’s STILL got it. The first book was the best thing for such a long time here in 2000 AD. The second book, so far, has taken everything and just kept on going.

And every page here is a spectacular thing, Harrison blowing it away, so much going on in every single page, every interconnection between the panels, all the alien detailing. It’s just such a delight.”

And this on the finale of Book 2:

“After two books of The OUT, so much has changed. We’ve seen Cyd’s life shift, we’ve gone through the ups and downs of her being out here. And for most of the two books, it’s all been about her moving and experiencing, with Abnett and Harrison skillfully bringing us along with her on her travels.”

And that, as I’ve said before, would have been just fine if that’s all that The OUT was ever about. I could have cheerfully read it, series after series, if it was just following the experiences of Cyd out in the whole alien universe she found herself in.

It’s been so damn good. Get the book when it comes out in 2022 to appreciate it all once again and I’ll be looking forward to seeing what Abnett and Harrison have in store for us with The OUT Book Three.”

Seriously, this is one of those ‘if you only get one collection this year make it this’ moments for me. The OUT really is THAT good.

Here’s the 2000 AD PR:

Cyd Finlea is a photo-journalist working for the publishers Neographic. It has been a decade since she left Earth and travelled to into the deepest reassesses of outer space – otherwise known as THE OUT – encountering strange alien societies and ‘ex-pat’ humans, experiences that she shares with her trusty sentient backpack. But what does this life of endless adventure mean for Cyd and, in the end, where is she going?

2000 AD web shop exclusive hardcover wrapround cover by Marguerite Sauvage

The first collection of The OUT is released on 26 October, you can pre-order now from the 2000 AD web shop, either the standard paperback with a cover by series artist Mark Harrison or the web shop exclusive hardcover edition with a wraparound cover by artist Marguerite Sauvage.

More nearer the time, but have a very advance preview right here…

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