Commentary: What Batman Fans Can Learn From ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

by Frank Martin

If there’s one thing fans love to do, it is compare different versions of comic book adaptations. The two most popular comic book movie series have to be Spider-Man and Batman. There have been a ton of Batman movies and shows (with Spider-Man a reasonable second). And with the release of Robert Pattinson‘s The Batman, that debate has only raged further. Hardcore Zack Snyder fans swear by Ben Affleck‘s Batman while critics pointed out that Batman isn’t supposed to kill. Of course, Michael Keaton gets a lot of love for being the first serious portrayal in live action, but even that looks goofy when compared to Pattinson’s stern take on the character.

For years, Spider-Man and the actors who portrayed him were in a similar situation. But something recently changed that dynamic thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home. After having three separate film franchises and debating over which version of character is best, fans had an epiphany of sorts after seeing all three actors together on screen. They realized that there is no “best” Spider-Man because they’re each different and unique in their own ways. They’re all separate characters and fans are able to appreciate them all separately.

And there’s just three versions of Spider-Man (in live action anyway). For Batman, there are quite a few more. So there’s no reason why fans can’t take the lesson learned from No Way Home and apply it to Batman. Each version of the character — from Pattinson all the way back to Adam West — has something different to contribute in their own respective universes. There’s good and bad (sometimes a lot of bad) in all of them. Perhaps the upcoming Flash movie, which is set to feature both Affleck and Keaton as Batman, will provide some of this sentiment in a DC context. Either way, though, Batman fans should end the war and appreciate every adaptation they get for what it is.

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