Art For Art’s Sake #155: Drawing Eurovision Special

by Richard Bruton

Across Europe on Saturday 14th May, millions of people settled down for a night of televisual entertainment like no other. Yes, it was Eurovision Song Contest time! And some of those millions were artists who took part in #draweurovision, something that’s become as much of an event as the Song Contest itself!

Some brave artists did it live, others have been adding to the art in the hours and days since, but they’re all magnificent illustrations of what is a uniquely European thing.

Also, this year we had the wonderful sight of seeing a united, diverse, inclusive Europe coming together against war and tyranny. Yes, the Eurovision Song Contest may be a gloriously over the top thing, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be a powerful thing.

In the end, as we expected, it was an overwhelming win for Ukraine but also an overwhelming win for tolerance, empathy, love, and humanity.

Trevor Ubdegrove – 

Neil Slorance

Dan Berry

Laura Howell

Andrew Fraser – 

Sandra Russell – 

Stu Linfield – 

Happy Toast – 

Sara Olmos – 

Gary Northfield – 

Nicky Evans – 

Marcolooks – 

Matt Boyce, who wasn’t taking part this year – damn Covid – but updated his Eurovision guide for us…

Alex Priest

Jodie Christine Cox – 

Kimberley Fountain – 

Alex Nimmo – 

JodieArts – 

Timothy Winchester – 

Emma Charleston – 




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