AWA Studios Announces New Sci-Fi/Horror Series ‘Sacrament’ By Peter Milligan And Marcelo Frusin

by Olly MacNamee

AWA Studios has announced it’s newest sci-fi series, Sacrament, from the wonderfully warped mind of Peter Milligan, and Argentinian artist, Marcelo Frusin. But with a bit of horror mixed into it too, as Milligan explains:

“I’ve always liked a good demonic possession story – from M.R. James right through to The Exorcist. SACRAMENT is a demon possession story all right, but a very different one. Every time I encounter the idea that the only chance for the future of mankind is to leave earth and inhabit other planets, I’ve had the same thought: it isn’t the earth that’s the problem, it’s us. No matter how far we travel, we’ll take our demons with us.  SACRAMENT is the result of me dwelling on this.”

Axel Alonso, Chief Creative Officer of AWA Studios added:

“From AMERICAN RONIN to ABSOLUTION, we’ve now had the opportunity to collaborate with Peter Milligan on several AWA Studios series,” said Axel Alonso, comic book creator and Chief Creative Officer of AWA Studios. “Peter is one of the best in the game, and his descriptive and colorful writing combined with Marcelo Frusin’s brilliantly dark and haunting artwork in SACRAMENT is offering our readers something they’ve never seen from AWA Studios before.”

Sacrament #1  will be out Wednesday, August 3rd from AWA Studios/AWA Upshots

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