Breaking Into Wayne Manor Has Its Consequences: Previewing ‘Batman: Fortress’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

Writer: Gary Whitta
Artist: Darick Robertson
Colours: Diego Rodriguez
Letters: Simon Bowland

“When an unknown alien ship enters Earth’s atmosphere, disrupting global power and communications and plunging the planet into chaos, the world is left wondering…where is Superman when he is needed most? In the mysterious absence of the Last Son of Krypton, Batman must rally the rest of the Justice League to counter the alien threat…but first, he must quell a crime wave on the blacked-out streets of Gotham! Gary Whitta (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ) and Darick Robertson (The Boys ) join forces to turn everything you think you know about Superman upside down in DC’s new comic book mini-series Batman: Fortress launching this May!”

Batman: Fortress #1 is out Tuesday 24th May from DC Comics

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