Second Dinner Developers Announce New Marvel CCG, ‘Marvel SNAP’

by Sage Ashford

The developers over at Second Dinner have announced their new card game, and it’s something fans of Marvel and fans of card games are going to want to look out for. Titled Marvel Snap, the game’s focus is on being “the fastest collectible card game in the multiverse”.

The trailer emphasizes entire games taking around three minutes, and also talks about how both players will take their turns at the same time. Another major change involves shrinking the deck size by removing the ability to run multiple cards, making the max deck size 15 cards, with smaller decks having around 12 cards.

Each battle is held in three different locations, with the goal being capturing two of those three in every duel.  It hasn’t been confirmed how many locations there are, but eagle-eyed players have spotted 52 so far. There will be over 150 characters at launch, with alternates of characters drawn in different styles to create what the game refers to as “variants”.

Players can register for an early access closed beta for Android at the Marvel Snap website. Marvel Snap launches on PC and Android/iOS later in 2022.

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