Advance Review: Biding Time In `Something Is Killing The Children’ #23

by Tom Smithyman


Even the best stories need time to pause and take a breath. That’s what is happening in this issue of this fantastic series. Don’t expect much in the way of action or gore. Instead, trust that the story will play out at the right pace and that the creative team is setting up something even more amazing.


After two strong introductory installments in the current “The Road to Tribulation” story arc, the new issue of Something Is Killing The Children takes time for some necessary exposition. You won’t find the terrifying bloodshed you’ve become accustomed to – at least not on the page. Instead, this chapter takes a breather as it works to move the characters into the right locations and situations for future intrigue.

It doesn’t make for the most exciting issue of this stellar series, but writer James Tynion IV deserves the benefit of the doubt after delivering time and again for his readers.

The main story deals with monster hunter Erica Slaughter working to convince the local sheriff that she is not responsible for the deaths of several children in his small New Mexico town of Tribulation. Working with her fixer, Big Gary, Erica is able to clean her slate and gain the sheriff’s trust. With Erica having turned her back on the Order of St. George, Gary appears to be Erica’s main point of contact in finding the children-killing monsters that have been plaguing small towns.

While Erica may be done with the order, it is clearly not done with her. As detailed in the last issue, the order has brought in Ms. Cutter from England to kill Erica. Cutter, who is more than willing to kill over something as minor as an insult, is now in Chicago with her sights set on the monster hunter.

Artist Werther Dell’Edera doesn’t have much to work with in this issue. No monster makes an appearance and there are no action scenes to depict. Still any opportunity to see him draw Erica and her massive soul-piercing eye is a welcome one. And his depictions of Cutter clue the reader into her evil without the need for explanatory text.

Hopefully the story will pick back up in the next installment as Erica is forced to confront the dual threats of the monster and the assassin sent by her former employer.

Something is Killing the Children #23 will be available for purchase on May 25, 2022.

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