Advance Review: Dealing With Family Issues In `Rogue Sun’ #4

by Tom Smithyman


If family drama is your cup of tea, then Rogue Sun #4 serves it up like no one can. Sure there is superhero action and a mystery thrown in for good measure, but the familial angst is the center of this story, which turns the typical hero’s journey on its ear.


Dylan Siegel’s family life is…complicated.

His mom has turned him into his school’s dean for bullying other students into doing his homework for him. His half-sister is trying to rob him of his superpowers. And his dad, the original Rogue Sun, died in the first issue, but is still haunting him from the afterlife. Think of Dylan as the anti-Peter Parker.

That dysfunctional family drama takes center stage in this latest installment, which focuses Dylan trying to access one of his most potent powers. Given everything going on in his life, it’s no surprise that he consistently fails to summon the powerful black fire. The presence of the evil Demonika (yes, writer Ryan Parrot pokes fun at some of the baddies’ silly names) doesn’t help matters as she tries to torture Dylan’s father from beyond the grave. To make matters worse, Dylan’s half-sister Aurie released Demonika from her prison in the last issue.

Parrot is clearly having fun with the story and by trying to modernize the hero story. After all, Dylan is no angel, and his support system is pretty lacking. That’s one reason why he’s failing in his roles as Rogue Sun. And yet, the familiar quick wit that man heroes have is alive and well. (When dad tells him to reach inside to access the black fire, Dylan responds: “What does that even mean? Reach inside. Like what? Like I’m trying to fart?) While it doesn’t make Dylan all that likeable, at least he’s more familiar and approachable.

Artist Abel makes the most he can out of an issue that deals largely with drama at home. He does get to shine in a splash page where Dylan transforms himself into the hero. And the last page featuring a big character reveal – yes more family drama – is simply gorgeous.

Rogue Sun #4 will be available for purchase on May 25, 2022.

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