AWA Studios Launches A New Imprint And A New Shared Universe With ‘Emmett: A Lesser Evils Story’

by Olly MacNamee

AWA Studios’ new series, Emmett: A Lesser Evils Story, will act as a launchpad for the new shared universe set in Brooklyn, New York. A new shared universe – called Lesser Evils – that will appear not just in comics but also short films and webtoons.

Here’s what to expect from this new venture, along with a handy map of where various series will be set, cover art and a whole slew of information on AWA’s plans for the Lesser Evil universe.

All this and a first look at Emmett: A Lesser Evils Story #1 too:

“Lesser Evils invites readers to “Brooklyn Through the Looking Glass,” where a golem with benefits, a spiraling genie, a demon who feeds on bad vibes, and a promising young mermaid collide with heartbroken, hard-living, and hype-obsessed humans. Set in the booming and action-packed city of Brooklyn, NY, Lesser Evils is a hilarious, pop culture-filled universe created by Ian Grody (writer) and Justin Fair (director), along with artist Yishan Li (illustrator), that explores what intimacy, spite, selflessness, and friendship mean today.”

Co-creator, Ian Grody, goes on to add:

“My aspiration from the jump has been to create a comic through the lens of contemporary culture. And reflect it back to readers through relevant, relatable stories filled with references to their favorite music, movies, and memes. Brooklyn was the perfect backdrop because it’s not only a cultural hub, it’s a place of becoming. Where people actively go to transform and reinvent themselves. Any place where there’s that much hope and desperation and frustration is already full of magic. No better venue for our eerie and eerily familiar tales.” 


Justin Fair, co-creator and director/producer of Lesser Evils, also had something say:

“As a seminal rocker and voice of a generation, Gavin Rossdale (Bush, Institute), sang: ‘It’s the little things that kill.’ Lesser Evils are the less obvious, often self-inflicted, more insidious evils that threaten our well-being. They are the pitfalls we all must avoid and the obstacles we all must navigate within ourselves to achieve a successful place in our social circles, in our neighborhoods and in the world. Our hope is that through the drama, the humor, and the thrills and chills, Lesser Evils is a guided tour for the reader through some of the lesser-known exotic microcosms of Brooklyn and the frighteningly familiar exotic microcosms of themselves.” 

Finally, artist Yishan Li:

“It’s kind of slightly chilling, slightly funny, but more of a mystery, everyday life kind of thing. That’s definitely something I like to draw.” 

Lesser Evils Comic Universe + Webtoons 

Emmett: A Lesser Evils Story #1 is out now digitally on GlobalComix and is published in six different languages (EnglishFrenchSpanishItalianBrazilian Portuguese and Hindi) and then be followed by additional comic books – Ginn, Thriftr and Tails which we’ll learn more about below. The print copy of Emmett: A Lesser Evil Story #1 will be available on Wednesday August 24th.

Here’s more info about each comic book series:

Ginn: Just another supernatural, quarter-eon crisis story 

“After his master sets him free, a hard-drinking, foul-mouthed genie spirals into an existential crisis, until he falls for a human who works for the Make a Wish Foundation – and for once in eons – finds meaning. However, when his former master has a change of heart and threatens to put the hurt on Ginn’s girl unless Ginn recommits to serving him, our troubled genie must make an impossible choice.”

Thriftr: Just another supernatural, entrepreneurial, start-up story 

“What happens when two NYU grads – one with an eye for design, the other with a brain for business – team up to take on the world of decor? The answer: Thriftr, a hoity-toity Greenpoint boutique with a carefully curated collection of secondhand treasures that’s sure to make Brooklynites drop dead. When an antique wooden sculpture appears in their inventory that no one recalls ordering, it begins to feed on their unreconciled co-owner animosity – and must be destroyed before it destroys them.”

TailsJust another supernatural, under the sea, take back your power story 

“Maude is a talented line cook with a lecherous, Batali-esque boss, whose advances and threats make her life hell. But when she befriends a mermaid living in the canal beside her BK seafood restaurant and is offered a chance to live under the sea forever, Maude must choose between this tempting escape or facing her tormentor head on.” 

Before we give you details about the rollout of webtoons to support this new publishing programme, let’s take a look at that preview for Emmett #1 shall we?

EMMETT: Just another supernatural, stoner, self-love story 

“Meet Lydia Loew, an artisan potter, who goes on a bender after a bad breakup. Then, in anguish and anger, she accidentally conjures up a golem from clay in her Bushwick studio. Enter Emmett, a golem with benefits. He mixes a mean cocktail, is handy around the house, and will help Lydia exact her revenge, with a vengeance.” 

Lesser Evils Short Films 

“As an expansion of the overall universe, AWA Studios will also release a promotional short film, Emmett, the first live-action story from the lineup which may expand to encompass other titles as well. Directed by Justin Fair (Sloan Hearts Neckface) and written by Ian Grody, the film stars Meredith Alloway (Deep Tissue) as Lydia, Jake Cannavale (The Mandalorian) as Stephen, Sabel Englert (singer/guitarist of Kid Sistr) as Courtney, and Isiah Whitlock Jr. (The Wire, Da 5 Bloods) as the voice of Emmett.”

And of course, there’s always NFTs. The “artform” no-one seems to care is putting a larger and larger burden on the environment with everyone mined. Well, certainly not corporate comic book publishers. But, you’l have to read about that crap elsewhere as I have a rule about promoting anything of that nature on this site.

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