Every ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #900 Variant Revealed

by Tony Thornley

For the first time, a Marvel series is reaching a milestone 900th issue. Of course, it’s the company’s flagship character, the Amazing Spider-Man, and just in time for his 60th anniversary. To celebrate, massive talent from all over the comics industry are creating covers for the occasion, and we have them here.

Out on July 27th, writer Zeb Wells will be teaming up with superstar Ed McGuinness to tell the landmark story in the current volume’s issue #6 (which yes, is also issue #900). Inside, Peter Parker faces the Sinister Adaptoid, a Super Adaptoid with all the powers of Peter’s deadliest villains. But the issue will also feature 13 covers, featuring work from legends like McGuinness, John Romita Jr., Peach Momoko, Bengal, Ben Su, Mark Bagley, Humberto Ramos, Julian Totino Todesco, Jim Cheung, Skottie Young, John Cassaday, Maria Wolf and Taurin Clarke.

Check them all out and be sure to pick the issue up this July!

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