Creator Confessions: The Importance Of Kickstarter Videos

by Frank Martin

Probably one of the more daunting challenges of putting together a Kickstarter campaign is producing a Kickstarter video. Likely, this is because most people are unfamiliar with filming and video editing. It is just an area outside of many people’s comfort zones. But the data is clear: having a video on your campaign page absolutely helps your project’s success. And it actually doesn’t take much to put something together. All it requires is patience and the will to get it done.

While there are plenty of Kickstarter projects that are successful without a video, the vast majority of them have one. So simply by having a Kickstarter video on your campaign, it immediately increases the likelihood of success. But, surprisingly, the quality of the video itself isn’t necessarily a factor. This is probably because, as comic creators, Kickstarter backers understand that video editing might not be your specialty. Instead, a creator shouldn’t focus on making the absolute perfect video. What matters more is simply the fact that one is there. That fact alone is representative of you as a creator and how seriously you take your craft and your business of comic making.

A video could really be as simple as a creator filming themselves with their phone and talking about their project. But as creators tend to be introverted by nature, it is difficult for us to be on camera and discuss things we poured so much heart and sweat into. The simple fact that we are willing to film ourselves for the world to see goes a long way to proving how strongly we believe in our project. Because in the end, backers aren’t buying a Kickstarter video. They’re buying you. So being confident in yourself matters more than a big production.

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