The ICE-Cast Live: Discussing New Fantasy Graphic Novel ‘Ax-Wielder Jon’ With Creator Nick Pittara

by Olly MacNamee

Wow. Another great hour of talking comics and crowdfunding with writer/artist Nick Pittara. Currently running down the clock on his first crowdfunder  for an all-new graphic novel Ax-Wielder Jon on Zoop, and giving us an intense, informative and engaging interview on its humble beginnings, its evolution, and Nick’s own rollercoaster of a journey to self-publishing. One part Frank Quietly, another part PT Barnum, and all wrapped up in a dedicated, fan-focussed creator who certainly had me sold. Watch now and back this campaign. I really think you’d be missing out of you didn’t back this amazing looking book simply based on what Nick shared with us and discussed in this newest edition which you can watch below:


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