Betty Attempts To Draw Out TBK In Two Weeks When ‘Riverdale’ Returns

by Rachel Bellwoar

Riverdale’s first SlaughterCon is not a milestone a town with a slogan like “The town with Pep” should probably be striving for, but it’s one that’s going to happen in two weeks when Betty’s idea for a serial killer convention kicks off. On top of that, it sound like Betty (Lili Reinhart) might have a new love interest, or at least that’s what Veronica (Camila Mendes) thinks in this trailer:

All in all, given how things are heating up with Percival (Chris O’Shea), it seems like a terrible time to be calling out TBK (Doug Chapman), but then this week’s episode felt like a placeholder in many ways. “American Psychos” should be eventful in any case.

In all honesty, though, Charles (Wyatt Nash) isn’t exactly a character whose been crying out for a redemption arc, but if his return this week is meant to signal a longer stay than that’s surely what the series is going to try.

Other thoughts on ‘Blue Collar’:

  • How come it’s always Betty who has to deal with Charles? Jughead is his half-sibling, too.
  • A coworker losing his foot couldn’t get Percival’s crew to unionize, but a letter from Percival’s great-grandfather is the last straw.
  • Best Line Delivery of the Night: Fangs (Drew Ray Tanner) saying, “His great-grandfather wrote that?”
  • It can’t be a coincidence that the Riverdale logo was flickering Rivervale at the end of the episode.

Riverdale returns June 12th on The CW.

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