Advance Review: Storytelling On Trial In `New Think’ #2

by Tom Smithyman


This series about the perils of technology returns with a tale lacking much in the way of technology. Instead, its preachy tone is likely to turn off readers who are looking for something more.


It is said that those who tell stories rule the world.

The latest issue of New Think, the anthology series that turns a critical eye to the impact of technology on our lives, addresses the notion of storytelling through a fairy tale. The story deals with a storyteller in a far-away kingdom, who uses her gift of the gab to tell tales to people far and wide.

The young woman catches the attention of an evil king who, for some reason, hates stories. He makes it his mission to abolish all storytelling in the land. Why? It’s never quite clear. Perhaps, like so many on social media, he’s simply a troll who believes what he believes and seeks to make life miserable for anyone with a different point of view. As punishment, he turns the walls of her house into glass so everyone can see all aspects of her life.

Unfortunately, Gregg Hurwitz’s story isn’t much more complicated than that. Conflict ensues and this particular story about stories is resolved. What are the lessons? The power of community to change attitudes? That internet trolls need to be stopped? That culture wars are bad? Thanks, we get it. We don’t really need a story about a storyteller telling us that stories are good.

Each issue in this five-part series features a different team of artists, and Ramon Rosanas takes up the mantle in this installment. His minimalist style appropriately depicts the story that could easily be found in a children’s book of fairy tales.

Hurwitz, for the second consecutive issue, uses narration instead of dialogue to tell his tale. It’s an interesting choice – though one appropriate for a novelist – given most comics’ reliance on internal and external dialogue to advance the story. Unfortunately, it has given the series a preachy tone that is likely to turn off readers who are just hoping for a good story.

New Think #2 will be available for purchase on July 13, 2022.

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