‘The Sandman’ Date Announcement Teaser Introduces Joanna Constantine

by Erik Amaya

The Sandman is finally coming to Netflix on August 5th. And to celebrate, the service released a new date announcement teaser during its Monday Geeked Week presentation. While still short on details, the trailer offers one interesting wrinkle: Jenna Coleman as Joanna Constantine. The character, who appeared in at least one Sandman comic book tale, ends up taking John’s place in the story — presumably joining up with Morpheus (Tom Sturridge) as he travels to London to reclaim his bag of sand. The trailer reveals her fabulous version of John’s trademark trenchcoat and, as creator Neil Gaiman mentioned during the presentation, Joanna will be one of two women who really “drives” Morpheus forward in the first season.

Also, we have to mention how great it feels to hear people say “Morpheus” instead of Dream. Early publicity favored the character’s overall name despite how important “Morpheus” is to the aspect of Dream we end up traveling with for most of the story. And thanks to this trailer and Geeked Week presentation, it is clear he will be more often referred to by that key name than not. Or, at least, that will be the case with the humans he encounters.

Oh, and we nearly forgot: Mark Hamill is the voice of Mervyn Pumpkinhead.

The Sandman debuts August 5th on Netflix.

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