Not Your Final Girl Podcast: Wet Nightmares– ‘Ms. 45’ (1981) & ‘Violation’ (2020)

by Brendan M. Allen

One big old content warning right up top: This is an episode about rape revenge.

Obviously, that means Candace and Ariel will be talking frankly about sexual assault, as well as its context and ramifications. Some rough territory, but they had a great time talking about one of the more reviled and misunderstood subgenres of horror. They dig into Abel Ferrara’s cult exploitation classic Ms .45 (1981), along with Dusty Mancinelli and Madeleine Sims-Fewer’s lush yet difficult Violation (2020).

This is a rare just-Candace-and-Ariel episode, so to the reviewer who said they don’t like it when they have guests: You’re welcome. They’re so unused to recording without guests, they totally forgot about time constraints and went for longer than average, but there was just so much to talk about with these two movies, they have no regrets. 

They hope that if you’ve been avoiding rape revenge, you give these films a try. Also, in the place of the usual first horror memories segment, they decided to simply vent about the terrifying and regressive state of the world, so please enjoy, and consider leaving a review on iTunes. It helps them find new listeners to rant at about f****d up movies.

Show music by Ariel Dyer –

Show art by Brian Demarest:

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