Reviewing ‘Avengers Forever’ #6: An Untypical Run Of The Mill Issue

by Olly MacNamee


Next stop in the multiverse is a planet on which T’Challa is rocketed away as a baby for his own safety… stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Well, fast forward a few years and we meet him again, seemingly going though a crisis of identity. All amounting to a rather duller issue than to be expected from this otherwise great new Marvel series.


If the opening pages of Avengers Forever #6 seem awfully familiar, then you’d be correct as writer Jason Aaron takes one of the most well known origin stories of any superhero and casts T’Challa in the role of the orphaned space-faring baby looking for salvation on another planet. And all done in order to escape the never-ending mission of King Killmonger – an amalgamation of the Black Panther foe and Thor’s The Destroyer – to seek out and assassinate all the multiverse’s T’Challas. It’s all done tongue in cheek, of course, much like last year’s DC Comics’ swiping Heroes Return mini-series. Although, all similarities to a certain man of tomorrow end there as we fast forward many years and meet the T’Challa as this universe’s Spider-Man hybrid, the Sky-Spider. And a far more sober tone, much like the previous issues in this series. Aaron certainly paint a bleak multiverse that’s for sure.

Now, I have no problem with the dark multiverse Aaron is creating. It’s all very much in line with the bigger tapestry he’s painting both here and over in The Avengers, but with all this universe swapping that’s required, it can feel like the bigger narrative is drawn out as we jump from universe to universe in order to meet more alternative Marvel super folk for Ghost Rider and his burgeoning team to recruit. 

Furthermore, it can lead to unimaginative storytelling, like this issue will attest to. The only drama seems to be found in T’Challa’s identity crisis as he swaps from Sky-Spider to The Vibranium Man (NOT a spoiler, given he’s introduced as such on this issue’s cover) before finally resting on a third and final identity. Now, that last one could be considered a spoiler. But work with me here, it’s a very slim issue.

Jim Towe’s silky smooth art style, with bolder, thicker lines defining each figure reminds me a lot of Ty Templton’s clean, classic animation style art, and brings a certain level of quality to this title. A title that has been an engaging and entertaining read to date, but with just this one poorer issue. But then, they can all be home runs.

I suppose it adds another multiversal hero to the mix, but where will it all end? Not for a good while longer I’ll wager.

Avengers Forever #6 is out now from Marvel

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