‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross’ Commemorates Three Year Anniversary With Fun Content

by Gary Catig

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is celebrating its three-year anniversary. That biggest beneficiaries are the players since tons of thrilling additions to the popular mobile game are arriving for them to enjoy. Expect a new playable hero, exciting in-game events, rewards and more.

Starting now, you can acquire the first light attribute hero, [Restored Memories] Elizabeth of Eternal Rebirth. One of her abilities is she can decrease damage by 10% from every other attribute but Light. If that weren’t enough, this skill also decreases her ally’s damage from other attributes by 10%.

Details on the in-game events and new content can be found below.

  • Grand Cross 3rd Anniversary Grand Festival Poll – Netmarble has curated a list of heroes chosen from players around the world; these heroes can be obtained via a draw option
  • 3rd Anniversary Birthday Event: Log-in for 28 days, and receive up to 300 diamonds
  • Start Dash Draw Event – For the first 14 days, new and returning players can acquire 11 free draw tickets daily (154 draw maximum). Players can acquire fully awakened festival UR heroes at certain loyalty point levels:
    • 300 loyalty points: [Invincible Avatar] Escanor “The One” or [Holy Warrior] Goddess Elizabeth
    • 450 loyalty points: [Halloween] Holy Knight Gowther or [Demon King’s Deputy] Executioner Zeldris
    • 600 loyalty points: “Assault Mode” Berserk Meliodas or [Divine Protection] Merlin the Daughter of Belialuin
  • Attendance Event – New and returning players will have the opportunity to obtain various rewards such as Full Awakening Token, and SSR hero ticket
  • Other New Content: New Death Match: Original Demon and New Story Chapter 23 have been added

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.

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