Collect Special Companion Hero Kate Bishop In ‘Marvel Future Revolution’

by Gary Catig

Marvel Future Revolution just received another update and with it comes the addition of Kate Bishop and other enticing content. Players are guaranteed to receive more hours of entertaining gameplay with what’s in store.

Inspired by the Disney+ series, Hawkeye, Kate Bishop is now available as a Special Companion hero. Her PVP specialty attacks enemies with a flurry of arrows in order to lessen their movement speed and defense until the summoning time is completed.

There is also a special themed event entitled “Master Archer’s Omega Wheel Event.” Spin the wheel and acquire rewards using Master Archer Tokens. Players will have the chance to earn the new Special Companion Kate Bishop and Premium Companion Box while a ★4 Special Costume Box can be obtained when reaching a designated number of spins.

Other features include:

  • E.G.A.S.U.S. Base New Feature: Core Booster – The third feature of P.E.G.A.S.U.S. Base, Core Booster is a feature to improve the Core Synthesizer. This new feature provides a bonus probability rate that helps increase the success rate when combining Cores.
  • Battle Challenge Expansion and Reward Reorganization – New rounds 36 to 40 have been added with the ability to adjust the difficulty of the Battle Challenge. The difficulty can be adjusted in increments – by increasing the difficulty, higher scores can be achieved. A “Core Booster Essence” reward has been added to the weekly Battle Challenge. This material is required to increase the probability rate when combining Cores.
  • Epic Invasion: Ancient Invader Returns- Originally launched last November, this event has been enhanced compared to previous Epic Invasion: The Eternals. When players are fighting enemies, special Battle Badges that will activate an additional effect when an enemy is defeated can be crafted.

Marvel Future Revolution is now available for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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