Something For The Weekend: Your Regular Dose Of Popular Posts

by Olly MacNamee

Ah, the weekend. And here in the UK a bit of summer sun, finally. So, before I head out to enjoy the day here’s your ten to takeaway:

  1. Our Millarworld exclusive went over well with our readers. Catch a free read of Prodigy Vol.1 #1 here now.
  2. Erik Amaya shared his thoughts on this year’s Star Wars Celebration here.
  3. Anton Kromoff continues to make a splash with his insight into RPG and tabletop gaming with another slew of popular posts. First he sat down to interview Jess Pendle and Keith Pendle here. He also interviewed dice artist Aaron Kusik here too.
  4. Another interview that makes the list is my chat with Matt Bors and Ben Clarkson, discussing their new comic book, Justice Warriors, here.
  5. On the crowdfunding front, Michael Allred, Stephen R. Bissette, Jae Lee, Nick Pitarra, Paul Pope, and Bill Sienkiewicz’s The Golem of Venice Beach graphic novel can be viewed here.
  6. Next we have Frank Martin on the importance of the MCU’s post-credit scenes to Marvel Studios’ success here.
  7. A popular trailer that dropped this week was for Netflix’s The Sandman, which you can watch here.
  8. We got a first look at Rob Liefeld’s Prophet #1 Remastered here.
  9. Tito W James posted an anime recommendation for Unicorn Wars here.
  10. And, finally, a round up of the more popular regular columns we post regularly with shout outs to last week’s Review Round Up, Art for Art’s Sake Neal Adams special, Frank Martin’s review for Superman & Lois, and Scott Redmond’s Retcons, Reboot and Resurrections.

Right, enjoy your weekend, and enjoy the sun if you’ve got it!

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