More Judge Dredd Figure News – The Diabolical Judge Cal (& Judge Fish!)

by Richard Bruton

The latest Hiya Toys and Rebellion figure has just been announced – the return of one of Mega-City One’s most despotic Chief Judge: the infamous Judge Cal!

He’s the madman who took the top job in Mega-City One, sentenced an entire city to death for defying his megalomaniacal will, not to mention appointing a goldfish as his deputy — it’s Chief Judge Caligula!

With his wafer-thin skin, awful hair, monstrous ego, endless cruelty, and the belief that he was a living god, Chief Judge Caligula took centre stage in the classic Judge Dredd saga from 1979, “The Day The Law Died.”

And now he’s just the latest addition to the world of Hiya Toys and Rebellion’s figure series, available in 1:18 scale and due for release in the fourth quarter of 2022. As you can see from the prototype images released by Rebellion, Judge Cal comes with all you’d expect, including Deputy Chief Judge Fish(!) in his special judicial goldfish bowl, and two swappable heads: one displaying the smug grin of a tyrant, the other an open-mouthed scowl about to deliver a cruel outburst that could easily condemn millions more to death!

For those who don’t know, Judge Cal was the head of the feared Special Judicial Squad who staged a coup in MC-1, framing Dredd and assassinating the Chief Judge. Tyranny was the new order of the day as Cal grew increasingly insane and despotic. With the alien Klegg enforcing his rule, he sentenced the entire big Meg to death – in alphabetical order (poor Aaron A. Aardvark)!

As for the rest of the Hiya Toys/Rebellion figures already announced in the line, various problems with the pressure on international shipping — not to mention that pesky COVID pandemic — have meant some slippage in release dates for the 1:18 scale series, with the new expected releases below…

Judge Dredd, Judge Death, Judge Anderson, Klegg Mercenary – Sept 2022. Judge Mortis, Judge Fire, Judge Hershey – Oct 2022. Judge Fear, Judge Giant – Nov 2022.

So that’s a sizable part of MC-1’s incredible history, now complete with Judge Cal and Judge Fish coming later in 2022.

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