Reviewing Cullen Bunn And Heath Amodio’s Short Horror Film ‘Swumpwater’

by Anton Kromoff

This last Friday, I had a chance to see the world premiere of Swumpwater, a short horror film from Cullen Bunn and Heath Amodio at Tremendicon.  In the interest of disclosure, I have to tell you that Cullen is one of my very best friends and also one of my cohosts on Comicon’s Happy Hour Youtube series. That being said, let me tell you, this movie is phenomenal.

A gripping tale of three friends who are all going through hard times and after a night of drinking, decide to check out a local bit of folklore about a mystical pool of water deep in the woods. The pool bestows good fortune on some and brings crushing doom upon others. The production was done on a micro-budget but oozes off the screen with the polish and style of a big-budget offering. The story is gripping, the cast feels authentic, and the closing score, composed and performed by Roman Bunn, is nothing short of genius.

You can watch the film yourself at this link


Directed By
Christian Fescine

Cullen Bunn
Heath Amodio

Original Score
Roman Bunn

Guy LeMonnier
Everett Lauster
John Dalessio
Kayla Orben
Darren Fouse
Dave Greening
Marlena Schmidt
Tommy Ricks

Produced By
Christian Fescine
Everette Lauster
Cullen Bunn
Heath Amodio



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