Miracleman Comes To The Marvel Universe In New Variant Covers

by Tony Thornley

His arrival has been teased for years, and now in a new series of variant covers, it looks closer than ever. The legendary Miracleman is headed for Marvel’s covers throughout September and October.

His imminent arrival in the Marvel Universe has been hinted at for some time. His icon was one of the key images of the recent Timeless one-shot that teased the future of the Marvel Universe. Now, thanks to this series of variant covers, we might see what Michael Moran’s heroic counterpart might just be as a part of the Marvel Universe.

Starting in September and running through the end of the year. Pretty much every Marvel hero is going to come face to face with Miracleman. The entire artistic line-up of the company is on display as well, featuring a who’s who of Marvel art legends.

Check out the first round of covers that have been released and be sure to let your local shop know that you want your favorites.

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