‘Superman & Lois’ Brings Global Threats To Small Towns

by Frank Martin

Depicting drastic, world-ending threats in a TV show about a small town can be quite difficult. On the one hand, it’s charming for Superman & Lois to focus on Smallville as the entire world begins to blend into another. So many stories focus on the whole world that it is interesting to see how a small town handles such a huge crisis. On the other hand, Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) is a global hero. His work and the threats he faces affect the entire planet. So to showcase a small town hall meeting during an event that would end the whole world is kind of awkward. But because of the show’s drama — how it solely focuses on this one town and its players — the show’s writers weren’t left much choice.

Still, Superman & Lois has proven that the people behind the scenes know what they’re doing. Even given the awkwardness about a small town newspaper keeping the biggest secret in the world, the show still manages to put up some excellent action. Jordan (Alex Garfin) finally held his own in a super fight and was faced with a dramatic reveal as Sarah (Inde Navarrette) learned the truth about his powers. And with John Henry (Wole Parks) missing in action, the tension has only been amplified as the show rockets towards its season finale.

Regardless of the fact that two worlds are merging and the show only focuses on a select few of characters in a small town, it’s still pretty cool. The stakes have never been higher and the writers have put Superman in a pretty tough predicament. Usually a line is drawn pretty straight between the hero and the villain. Viewers know what needs to be done to stop the threat. But with Ally Allston (Rya Kihlstedt) stronger than ever and the show’s hero de-powered, it should make for a very compelling finale next week.

Superman & Lois  airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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