More Diabolical Details Revealed About Skybound’s ‘Creepshow’ #1 And A Frightening First Look

by Olly MacNamee
Today Skybound revealed the creative teams and stories behind Creepshow #1, based on Greg Nicotero’s hit Shudder TV series. Writer/artist Chris Burnham (Die! Die! Die!) kicks off the debut issue with a “terrifying tale of trick or treaters who are taught what happens when you mess with the wrong house.” Each issue of this five-part series will feature two spine-chilling stories.
Here’s what Burnham had to say about this dream gig. Or, should that be nightmare?
“I first saw Creepshow in third or fourth grade…right around the time I had the initial germ of the idea for the story in this issue! I was absolutely terrified to take more than one candy bar from the TAKE ONE bowl. What if the owner of the house was hiding in wait? And what would they do if they caught me?!? I’ve chewed these questions over for thirty years…and this story is the definitive answer!” 
The second story will be by writer Paul Dini (Batman: The Animated Series) and Stephen Langford (Creepshow TV series) team up with artist John McCrea (Hitman) to “petrify readers with the party antics of Shingo, the birthday clown with an appetite for more than cake!”
Here’s what Dini had to say about his contribution:
“Parents might fool themselves into believing that anything big, cute and silly is good for kids, but little ones recognize a monster when they see one. Stephen Langford and I put ourselves back into that childlike mindset when we dreamed up Shingo. In the world of Creepshow, kiddie birthdays are rarely fun, parents often have worse outbursts than their kids, and that strangely grinning party character is not as friendly as it seems.” 
Stephen Langford added:
“Writing for Creepshow was mind-blowing but having co-written a Creepshow comic goes beyond any of my expectations as a writer. It’s hard to believe that Paul and I created the character Shingo and he’s finally come to life!” 
John McCrea also added:
“Working on the Creepshow book was thrill enough, but to be teamed up with Stephen and Paul was the gory icing on the creepy cake. And the character Shingo is such freaky fun to draw, it’s a dreamscream!” 
Following the first issue we will also be getting Josh Malerman (Creepshow TV series, Bird Box), David & Maria Lapham (Stray Bullets), Steve Foxe (Razorblades: The Horror Magazine), Kelley Jones (Batman, The Sandman), and Steve Orlando (Spider Man 2099), with many more to be announced.
In addition to the main cover by Chris Burnham featuring the iconic Creep, Creepshow #1 comes with variant covers by Declan Shalvey (Moon Knight) and a 1:10 incentive cover by singular artist Vance Kelly will also be available.
Creepshow #1 will arrive in stores Wednesday September 21st from Image Comics/Skybound

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