‘Once Our Land’ Announcement Trailer Opens Up A New World Of Monsters

by Erik Amaya

Mercury Filmworks has released an announcement trailer for their upcoming adaptation of Peter Ricq‘s Once Our Land.

Set in 1830s Europe, the film (and the book it is based upon) centers on an 11-year-old girl, Ingrid, who faces off against “beasts from another world.” But as the monsters have already ravaged her city, she also needs to navigate a broken society in which trust is at a minimum. Nevertheless, she manages to befriend Fritz, a “grizzled, old, eye-patched warrior with an unexpectedly eccentric personality.” Soon, the pair set out to reclaim their city from the beasts and prove trust is, indeed, still possible.

Described by Scout Comics as “part light survival horror, part action, with strong heart and a healthy dose of levity-bringing humor,” the film reunites Ricq with screenwriter Phil Ivanusic Vallée. The pair previously worked together on The League of Super Evil and the live-action feature film Dead Shack. Once Our Land is a co-production of Mercury Filmworks and Goodbye Productions. Amber Ripley serves as producer.

And judging by the early animation in the trailer, it could be quite a film once it is completed. The mixture of whimsy, cutting edge animation, and horror is interesting, as is the notion of a “past-apocalypse” as presented in the preview’s brief glimpses. The project is still in development and continuing to look for financing.

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