Relic War Sees Kingdoms Go Head-To-Head In ‘Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds’

by Gary Catig

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is providing its players another update this month adding even more exciting additions to the multi-player online role-playing anime game. Following off the heels of the Familiar Arena, comes the Relic War.

In Relic War, kingdoms go head-to-head by conquering locations on the game map. The kingdom with the most points earned upon occupying multiple locations will win the battle. As a reward, they will receive the ‘Relic’ with buff attributes. During the Relic War, utilize various strategies by setting up the barricade and leveraging the Neutral Monsters.

In addition, the Fiery Mt. Know-How map has been added to the Dimensional Border content, and Dingo, a new ride that resembles a wolf, will be available to use as well.

Players will have the opportunity to experience several new in-game events including:

  • Episode Eve! Prepare for the Ancient Genie! event: Players who clear various missions will receive rewards based on accumulated points. A 4-star Toko and many more rewards, which may be helpful to players throughout the further episodes, will be given during this event.
  • New Dimensional Border Treasure Hunt event: Upon clearing the Dimensional Border, the players can acquire the ‘Compass’, which is the ticket to start the Treasure Hunt event. The players get to open the slots, where the most-wanted rewards (Equipment Summon Coupon, Energy Drink and more) are placed, utilizing the ‘Compass’.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on mobile platforms and is also playable on PC using cross-play.

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