UK’s Graphic Short Story Prize For 2022 Announced With Michael Sheen And Adrian Tomine On The Jury

by Richard Bruton

The annual Graphic Short Story Prize switches publisher sponsors this year with Faber & Faber taking over from co-founder of the prize, Jonathan Cape.

The annual Graphic Short Prize invites entries for an original four-page, complete comic with a chance for your work to be published in The Observer New Review and win £1,000, with the runner-up receiving £250 and their work appearing on

Sure, the £1,000 is a nice enough prize, but the main benefit of the Prize is the exposure and the connection to a graphic novel publisher in first Jonathan Cape and presumably now with Faber & Faber – as you can see from the list of previous winners and their Cape books – Stephen Collins, Julian Hanshaw, Isabel Greenberg, Matthew Dooley, Edith Pritchett, Catherine Brighton, Richard Woods, Tor Freeman, Alexis Deacon, Emily Haworth-Booth, Vivien McDermid, and Corban Wilkin.

This years’ judges for the prize will be Angus Cargill (Faber & Faber), Rachel Cooke (Observer), Paul Gravett (Comica), Tom Oldham (Gosh London), the actor Michael Sheen, and author and artist Adrian Tomine.

The contest is open to UK residents only, full details are here, with a deadline of 16th September 2022.

You can find details of the 2021 winning entry, Astrid Goldsmith’s A Funeral in Freiburg, here and 2021’s winning entry, Paul Rainey‘s , here.

A Funeral in Freiberg – by Astrid Goldsmith
Similar To But Not – by Paul Rainey

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