Review: ‘Batman/ Superman: World’s Finest’ #4 Is Just Gleeful DCU Fun

by Tony Thornley

The Man of Steel and Dark Knight are knee deep in a killer adventure. It’s not just a Superman/Batman adventure though, as the entire DCU is involved. Can the duo save the universe before it’s too late?

Mark Waid, Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain, and Aditya Bidikar continue their epic, and it’s only getting more desperate for our heroes.

The Devil Nezha has possessed most of the heroes of the DCU, and more by the minute. His magic has the man of steel at a low point, and Batman desperate to help. Can they withstand the onslaught of a possessed Green Lantern to meet Supergirl and discover how to defeat their foe?

Waid does one of the things he does best once again, writing to his artist’s strengths. The plot is pretty thin, with a standard “powerful villain creates impossible odds” sort of escalation. It’s a lot of mashing toys together, with some really good characterization. That’s not a bad thing though, as it makes for a lot of fun, AND it sets up 25-ish pages of gleeful work from Mora and Bonvillain.

And Mora’s line work is exceptional here. He draws the hell out of the Superman/Green Lantern fight, while weaving a fight between Batman and Nezha through it. It’s laid out in a way that gives both fights equal weight within the story, but showing Batman’s fight as more dynamic, but Superman’s as bigger and more epic. Then halfway through the issue, he throws in a new Composite-Superman design that’s one of the silliest while still cool. It’s just more mashing toys together, but I couldn’t help but smile as the merged leads fight off the entire Justice League in their new shared body (and costume to match).

Bonvillain’s colors are bright, and she puts emphasis on where the eye should be drawn on the page. Her use of light is especially good, considering how much Green Lantern is involved in the story. Bidikar’s lettering work looks great too, playing with fonts and emphasis to bring Waid’s script to life in ways that feel organic.

This series continues to be a must-read, especially for any DCU fan. 

Batman/ Superman: World’s Finest #4 is available now from DC Comics.


The story might be a little thin, but the art is some of the best in comics right. This is absolutely a must-read.

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