Webcomic Weekly: Establishing Shot & Onobatopoeia – Biff! Pow! Kpow!

by Richard Bruton

Welcome once more to Webcomic Weekly, the increasingly dubiously titled regular feature looking at something great online… this time, more Establishing Shot meta-madness in Onobatopoeia!

Following on from the review of the excellent Establishing Shot comic by writer Will O’Mullane and various artists, where I described the comic as “Six comics, two sides, half colour, half black and white, full of clever writing, full of great art – Establishing Shot is smart, slick, knowing, and a damn fine read,” Will got in touch to let me know that the latest Establishing Shot short, Onobatopoeia, is available online.

Well, I had a quick look and can heartily recommend you do too. It’s a perfect follow-up to the very best of the strips in Establishing Shot, a clever, meta-fictional thing, a fun Batman parody that plays with the mechanics of the comic form once more – the clue’s all there in the title after all.

Yep, as with the first half of Establishing Shot, this one continues with the clever stuff, it’s such great fun and does a hell of a lot with the short four pages, all with some excellent artwork from Luke Balmer-Kemp.

Establishing Shot: Onobatopoeia – Written by Will O’Mullane, art by Luke Balmer-Kemp, letters by Jonathan Stevenson.

Head to the Establishing Shot website for this and more, but also go spend your cash buying copies of Establishing Shot from O’Mullane’s Gumroad site as well as from Gosh and Mega City Comics in London.

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