Anderson Entertainment Announces New ‘Captain Scarlet’ Original Graphic Novel For July

by Richard Bruton

The new Captain Scarlet graphic novel expands on Gerry Anderson’s 2005 CGI reimagining of the classic 1967 series, Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

Available just in time for Captain Scarlet Day on 10th July (way too complicated to mention, but it’s a date that keeps cropping up through Captain Scarlet), New Captain Scarlet: Operation Sabre is the first major new story from the series since its original run of 26 episodes from 2005–2006.

In the graphic novel, written by Chris Thompson and Andrew Clements (Space 1999: Moonbase Alpha Technical Manual) and with art by Connor Flanagan (Space Precinct Reloaded), Spectrum and Captain Scarlet come up against a new and dangerous threat to a world desperate for a resolution in the war against the Mysterons. In a classic case of out of the frying pan… the World Government has turned to the shadowy organisation Sabre to take the lead in fighting the alien menace. Even worse, Captain Scarlet has been forcibly detained for scientific experimentation, forcing Colonel White to choose between his best agent and the future of Spectrum.

The graphic novel also includes a bonus story, ‘Skyfire’, a new adventure for New Captain Scarlet’s crack team of fighter pilots, The Angels.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of classic Captain Scarlet, but it was following the development of the new series that set me, and my career, on the path to where I am now. I hope Operation Sabre gives fans the continuation of the story that they have been craving, while also appealing to fans of the original who may have missed the new show when it came out.” – Writer Chris Thompson

“Dad was incredibly proud of what he and his team achieved with New Captain Scarlet, and the characters and storytelling still hold up beautifully today. I’m so pleased we’ve been able to build on the world of New Captain Scarlet in this graphic novel, and I’m sure there’ll be even more from the Spectrum team in coming years.” – Jamie Anderson

To celebrate the 102-page graphic novel’s release, Chris Thompson, Andrew Clements, and Connor Flanagan will join Gerry Anderson’s son and managing director of Anderson Entertainment, Jamie Anderson, for a special pre-release signing event at Forbidden Planet Belfast on Saturday 9th July.

Gerry Anderson’s New Captain Scarlet: Operation Sabre is a 102-page original graphic novel will be available from Forbidden Planet International, Amazon or direct from with pre-orders going live on 27 June.

More info on all things Anderson and New Captain Scarlet at and you can follow the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, as well as checking out The Gerry Anderson Podcast. And for a catch up with the world of Anderson there’s no better place than the Gerry Anderson Primers series on YouTube.

Now, the first few pages of New Captain Scarlet: Operation Sabre for your enjoyment…


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