The Art Of Politics: June – Where The World Begins Going Backwards

by Richard Bruton

Another month gone, another series of terrible things happening in the world. So, as is my way, time to round up the very best political cartooning in my feeds this month… it’s the Art Of Politics.

Well, as with last month, we’ll begin in America…

In the last week or so we’ve seen the Supreme Court hand control of abortion rights back to the States as Roe v Wade was overturned. We’ve had the breakdown of the division of Church and State as both religious schools are now allowed state funding (even when said religious schools openly discriminate against LGBTQ+ pupils) (Reuters) and Christian prayer is now allowed on school grounds (a football coach praying on the halfway line post-game with players joining in) (CNN). And just for good measure, thanks to the Supremes overthrowing a New York law requiring residents to prove ‘proper cause’ to carry concealed firearms in public, Americans now have the right to carry firearms in public for personal defence. (NYT, BBC)

Again, it’s one of those moments where people around the world look at America and wonder what the hell is going on. The country that’s meant to be the beacon of freedom seems to be going backwards at frightening speed. A country where school shootings are given thoughts and prayers one day and forgotten the next, where states can now impose hideous laws forcing women to carry their rapist’s child and where doctors may have to allow women to die because of a life-threatening pregnancy – all because this is a country where 6 Conservative Judges can shape generations by shaping laws based on their strict, literal reading of a Constitution written more than 200 years ago. Insanity.

Anyway… first up, the big one, leaked last month and we’ll begin with a perfect example of what the rest of the world is thinking….

The French paper Liberation and the artist Coco – IVG: Le Vendredi Noit (Abortion: Black Friday)


Roe Vs Wade overturned… Your body, their choice?

Roe v Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court, threatening the health and bodily autonomy of women across America. For a good and brief overview see this BBC article.

It’s a huge issue, impacting millions, and has sent seismic shocks throughout America and the world. And we’ve seen two approaches to the topic. There’s the out-and-out brutal truth seen on that Liberation cover by Coco and the less graphic approach to the topic.

Obviously, Nicola Jennings in the Guardian goes for the former, evoking the spectre of illegal abortion in graphic juxtaposing fashion…

Pat Bagley with the same thinking…

Mike Peters continues the theme of the illegal abortion fear facing millions…

Nick Anderson


Other cartoonists have taken other routes, whether it’s the comparison to The Handmaid’s Tale, the chipping away of rights, women becoming the property of the state…

Gary Markstein

Morten Morland

Nick Anderson

Ann Telnaes

Bill Bramhall

Nick Anderson

Tim Campbell

Pia Guerra

And then there’s the cartoonists comparing the rights to choice given in the USA over guns and vaccines…


Dave Whamond


After Roe v Wade, what’s next?

Of course, as I wrote last month, now Roe v Wade has gone, along with the subsequent rulings associated with it, then that leaves the path open for the Supremes to go after a lot more… equality in marriage, LGBTQ+ rights, contraceptive rights, interracial marriage, voting rights, forceful sterilisations… all of those are at least partly underpinned by Roe v Wade.

Michael de Adder


Out of control on the lack of gun control…

As I said, the Supremes overturned a New York law to allow anyone the right to carry ‘commonly used’ firearms in public for personal defence. Because there’s absolutely no problem with guns in America, right?

Again America, you just can’t get it into your heads that it’s the guns that are killing all those people, all those children, can you? Every other developed country where these things happen just once put in place laws to ensure that they’re way, way, way less likely to happen again. But in America it’s a DAILY occurrence to have a multiple shooting. It’s JUST SO BLOODY OBVIOUS. But no, not in America it’s not.

Bill Bramhall

Peter Kuper

Matt Davies

Christopher Weyant


Chris Britt

Of course, there’s cartoonists who are against gun control. Take Michael Ramirez and his preposterous contention that gun control is bad because of a British king who died over 200 years ago, or at least doing the juxtaposition thing pointing out that America needed to defend itself then and therefore it also needs to have all those guns now for the same reason. Yeah, right. Because absolutely nothing’s changed since then.


To end our USA round-up, one great comic artist’s summary that everything’s going to crap in the USA right now…

Faith Erin Hicks




Ukraine… you remember Ukraine? You know, that place where there’s a European land war?

Yes, given all that’s gone on in Britain and the USA in June, Ukraine’s rather slipped down the list of things cartoonists are talking about. It’s telling how the coverage has died down even as the bloodshed and death toll hasn’t…


Pat Byrnes





Over in the United Kingdom… Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

70 years on the throne. A celebration involving a great skit with Paddington Bear (you can see that here), one Prince in disgrace trying to get back in Mummy’s good books, one ex-Prince back for a quick visit from LA, and a Prime Minister (as ever) ducking and diving to avoid the fallout over Partygate and whatever the latest cock-up is…

Morten Morland – on dear old Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of this fair land, getting booed at the celebations…

Peter Brookes

Peter Schrank

Steve Bell

Martin Rowson

Chris Riddell


Boris Boris Boris… No-confidence vote, no ethics, no trains, no hope, no clue…

Oh hell, where to start? After the chaos of Partygate and Boris Johnson (the UK’s Prime Minister) clinging on to the job after 148 of his MPs voted to get rid of him, it was disaster after disaster for Bozza. So, just your average week then really.

First of all.. the no-confidence vote…

Pete Songi –

Steve Bell

Lorna Miller

Ben Jennings

Chris Riddell

Next we have the story of Lord Geidt, the Prime Minister’s former ethics advisor quitting and saying that he was asked to ‘risk a deliberate and purposeful breach of the ministerial code.’ Fittingly, old Bozza, a man with no ethics to be seen decided there was no point in having an ethics advisor any more and didn’t bother appointing someone new to the post…

Steve Bell

Martin Rowson

Morten Morland

Amongst the other cock-ups of the month, in a country where food poverty, the soaring cost of food, childhood hunger, and obesity are all huge problems, the government’s white paper setting out a plan to deal with it managed to do absolutely none of those things…

Nicola Jennings

Martin Rowson

To top it all off this month, seeing how America seemed keen to head back to the ’50s and ’60s, Bozza reckons he can do better and proceeds to send Britain back to the era of the 20s and the general strike. Rail workers went out on strike for wages, conditions and job security, prompting other industries (including teachers and nurses) to think of joining them.

Rebecca Hendin

Martin Rowson

Peter Schrank


And finally… the Rwanda deportation that wasn’t… yet.

The disgraceful plans to send refugees seeking asylum in the UK to Rwanda, masterminded by Priti Patel, a woman who recently started cosplaying as Dolores Umbridge, failed to take off – literally. After increasing legal pressure, the first deportation flight ended up not going ahead, costing the taxpayer half a million pounds (Guardian).

Martin Rowson

Dave Brown

Peter Brookes

Steve Bell – on Boris Johnson flying to Rwanda’s capital Kigali for the Commonwealth heads of government summit and meeting the Rwanda president, Paul Kagame.



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