Two Sonics, Two Tails: Previewing ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ #50

by Brendan M. Allen

IDW Publishing has revealed a preview of Sonic The Hedgehog #50, out this week from writer Ian Flynn, line artist Adam Bryce Thomas, color artists Matt Herms, Heather Breckel, and Reggie Graham, and letterer Shawn Lee

‘Sonic the Hedgehog #50 is here! To celebrate, this issue features two Sonics! And two Tails! Wait… One of them is green… And the other has tails made out of water?! Imposters! And they’re working with Dr. Starline?! 

After assembling a squad of bad guys, kidnapping Belle, starting a forest fire, and causing chaos in Central City, Starline is finally ready to unleash his monstrous imposters: Surge and Kit! Will his meticulous planning be enough to defeat Sonic and Dr. Eggman? The throne is only big enough for one…’

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