Art For Art’s Sake #160: Walt Simonson Proves He’s Worthy

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake – a perfect distraction from the insanity outside your windows, a weekly look at the greatest comics artwork. This week, we finish with a long, long look at the magnificent Walt Simonson run on Thor…

Jamie Smart‘s magnificently madcap Looshkin on World Book Day –

Now, let’s keep the great art going with a few from Tom Fowler

Jock shares a gift from Cliff Chiang –

Charlie Gillespie – a quartet of 2000 AD faves…

Shane Oakley – Robot Archie

Francesca Francavilla – Mondo News Universal Monsters collection

Sergei Titiv – X-Men

Benjamin Tiesma – Nightwing

Łukasz Kowalczuk – Slime & Sorcery – coming soon –

Javier Rodriguez – Defenders

Dustin Weaver – Batman Vs Diabolik idea… this would work, this would really work

John McCrea – League of Extraordinary Gentlemen commission process pic

Mike Perkins – Captain Carter

Richard Piers Raynor – couple of recent commissions – John Constantine and Road to Perdition

And then there’s this from a while ago from Piers-Raynor:

“In 1988 (thanks to David Lloyd, Neil Gaiman et al at the Society of Strip Illustrators in London), I’d got my first job at DC Comics illustrating Hellblazer. They wanted a promotional drawing of John Constantine to advertise the fact so this was my debut piece.”

The Pander Brothers – ‘Mourn’ – Digital illustration based on chapter 3 of Grendel: Devil’s Legacy

Dan Hipp – Two-Face

And we’ll end with some masterful Walt Simonson’s Thor. Like so many of us, I can still remember the incredible thrills from Simonson’s Thor run, one of the greatest extended runs of the character there’s ever been.

Running from Thor #337–382 (November 1983–August 1987), it was an instant hit, bringing in Beta Ray Bill and immediately changing everything about the character. After that, we had the Surter Saga (DOOM! DOOM! DOOM!) and even the ridiculously wonderful thrills of the Frog of Thunder.

Quite frankly, utterly brilliant work from a master artist…



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