Preview: ‘The £100 Million Game’ – More Roy Of The Rovers Moments With A Superstar Veteran On And Off The Pitch

by Richard Bruton

It’s the end of season three for Roy of the Rovers – a cup final, promotion to the premiership beckons… but there’s a player shortage and desperate times…

The £100 Million Pound Game – cover by David Sque

So far, the rebooted Roy of the Rovers (RoTR) has done a hell of a lot right, bringing us six books a season (well, except this one), three graphic novels written by Rob Williams, three prose books written by Tom Palmer, and all illustrated, prose and graphic novels, by some incredible talent – Ben Willsher, Lisa Henke, Dan Cornwell, Anna Morozova, Elkys Nova, and now we have the latest addition to the art team, David Sque.

Although of course, Sque is hardly new to RoTR as he’s a legendary artist who told the tale of Melchester and Roy Race in the mid 70s. His style, although different from what’s gone before, fits in perfectly here with the eighth book in the graphic novel series. The only bad thing about it all – just the two graphic novels this year!

As for what to expect here – well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this Roy Of The Rovers is simply excellent, a perfect example of how to do sports comics just right. It’s a genre that just isn’t done enough in Western comics and that’s a damn shame. But with Roy of the Rovers we not only get great sports comics but we get the other side of the classic sports story as well. It’s not all about what goes on when the games are on that counts, it’s the drama off the pitch that really matters in these stories. Again, that’s something that Roy of the Rovers gets so right, leaving us with a perfect mix of footballing action and soap opera drama.


Okay then, story so far time… Roy Race is at Melchester Rovers, although Melchester Rovers isn’t the great club it once was – financial difficulties, new ownership, the near-loss of their manager, and the destruction of their old ground have all contributed to that.

However, young Roy has the outside chance to help Melchester get into the top flight of English football (soccer if you must) with the Championship Playoff finals coming up. Plus there’s the National Cup Final against Melchester’s oldest rivals, Tynecaster.

But things haven’t all been smooth running for either Roy or Melchester. His girlfriend Ffion has relocated to California to pursue her own football career. Worse, Roy and his sister lost their father recently, something that’s still hitting them hard. And Melchester recently had to abandon a Europa League game after several Rovers players were subjected to vile verbal and physical racist attacks.

But it’s time to put all that behind them now and get ready for the biggest games of their lives, the cup final and the £100 million pound game to take them up to the Premiership. Problem is, there’s barely enough players to make up a fit team as injuries and suspensions have all taken their toll on Melchester.

Desperate times, as they say, may well call for desperate measures… all thanks to an inspired suggestion by Roy’s sister Rocky. It seems that it’s not only legendary artists returning to ROTR this season.

It’s end of the season time at Melchester and if ever they needed a Roy of the Rovers moment, it’s now….


Yep, what else did you expect? This is Roy of the Rovers for Pete’s sake, if we can’t have wonderful last-minute surprises and comebacks here then what’s the world coming to!?

It’s perfect feel-good comics, wonderful reading, and inspirational in so many different ways for both young and old readers.


Roy Of The Rovers Book 8: The £100 Million Game

Written by Rob Williams, art by David Sque, colours by John Charles, Guilherme Lindemberg Mendes, letters by Jim Campbell

Published by Rebellion on 21st July 2022

And now… as you’d be expecting… it’s preview time

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