Encounter The Legendary Ancient Genie In ‘Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds’

by Gary Catig

A few weeks ago, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds added the Relic War option to the new role-playing anime mobile game. Players can now prepare themselves for even more additions such as episode content, events, costumes, mounts and more.

In the “Legendary Ancient Genie” episode update, you can encounter the titular being alone or with up to four other friends in the special dungeon. You can also enjoy finding Dusk Syndicates, which are hidden throughout the world, and can celebrate the joy of the episode via Reputation Quest Play. On your journey, earn various rewards will be available including Episode EXP.

Not only can you encounter the Legendary Ancient Genie, but its costume and Magic Carpet Mount has been added as well. Users can also experience an additional new kingdom dungeon, “Flaming Knight Ras.” Furthermore, new Field Bosses Stella and Mecharagon are added to enhance the overall field experience.

New in-game events include:

  • “Legendary Ancient Genie” Episode Guide Event: Clear missions through various ways such as finding Dusk Syndicate that can be disguised as NPC, playing Episode Dungeon and more. Players will receive a variety of rewards including the Familiar Summon Coupon and Costume Summon Coupon. When all missions are completed, players can acquire a Traditional Desert Hat as well.
  • Toko Growth Event: Clearing the Toko growth mission and other Toko related missions are also required. Evolution Fruit, Jelly Bottle, 4★ Toko (Familiars) and other rewards will be available during this event.

Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is available on mobile platforms and is also playable on PC using cross-play.

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