‘Marvel Future Revolution’ Celebrates ‘Thor: Love And Thunder’ In Latest Update

by Gary Catig

Following in the footsteps of Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel Future Fight, Marvel Future Revolution is receiving a Thor: Love and Thunder inspired update. Prepare to experience a new Epic Invasion along with the addition of a new companion.

In Epic Invasion: God Butcher, interact with characters from the highly-anticipated film while trying to rescue Thor, who is being held captive from the super villain. After completing each phase successfully, Thor regains his power before teaming up with his allies in the final battle against Gorr. It is an an epic boss battle involving Thor, Miek, Korg, and Valkyrie. If you prove yourself worthy, you will earn the new Gorr-themed Special Battle Badge.

Mighty Thor can also be recruited now as a companion and try to take full advantage of her Thunder’s Fury skill. Mighty Thor charges lightning energy by spinning Mjolnir while simultaneously striking down opposing enemies. Lightning pierces through enemies and increases in damage the more enemies it hits. These electrocuted enemies will deal less damage as well. This is attack is specifically designed to effectively target multiple enemies, especially Omega War that involves multiple targets.

Finally, there are two new events in the most recent update. A special “Mighty Omega Wheel” event is currently available. Players spin the wheel to recruit the new companion Mighty Thor just by playing the game. Meanwhile, the “Thunder Fragment Craft” event is also available, where players play Epic Invasion: The God Butcher to earn 3★ Thor whose skills have been improved with this recent update.

Marvel Future Revolution is now available for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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